Payout Odds Percentage of the Casino Games

To profoundly understand the subject of the best online casino payouts, let us talk about the RTP and house edge. The former abbreviation stands for «return to players». This indicator displays the ratio of funds that the game distributes between the players. For instance, if the RTP of a slot is 94%, it means that clients receive 94% of the funds — and the remaining 6% the casino reserves as its commission. For online slots 9 masks of fire, the RTP ratio is considered «high» if it is 90% or more. Of course, this indicator can never reach 100% because the platform needs to take its commission to keep operating. This commission is known as «the house edge».

The best payout percentage for card and table games is normally higher and can easily reach 98% or 99%. This is why in most online casinos, the wagering contribution of slots is 100% — while that of other titles is 2, 5, 10 or 20 times lower. The administration tries to convince the customers to play not the highest payout games but the ones that allow the casino to earn as much money as possible.

The payout percentage is not the only factor that influences one’s odds to win and the sum of the prize. Some slots feature jackpots while others do not. The most lucrative jackpots are progressive ones: they increase from one round to another. To make the most of the slots, one should choose games with a large jackpot bank, profitable bonus levels and a high RTP.

Besides, there are slots of high, medium or lower volatility. The ones with low volatility offer customers a chance to win frequently but with small sums. If you opt for the ones with high volatility, the winnings will be rare — but the rewards will be large. The medium volatility is something in between.

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Highest Payout Online Slots

Below, we would like to share with our readers the list of the highest payout slots. Some of them feature jackpots, others do not. Apart from generosity, they are also famous for their exciting gameplay, eye-catching design, state-of-the-art soundtracks and sophisticated bonus levels. All these games are rather popular, so you should be able to find them on many gambling sites.

To win big, you do not need to place large bets. If you check the history of the most sensational winning, you will see that people sometimes became rich after making minimal stakes. Also, you will notice that sometimes gamblers hit a big win in slots with low volatility — even though they are supposed to distribute smaller sums among players.

Another wise advice regarding slots sounds like this: it is impossible to compile a winning strategy here. You can only control your spendings and rely on your luck.

# Slot RTP
1 Lucky Leprechaun 96.80%
2 Book of Dead 96.30%
3 Gold Fish 96.09%
4 Cleopatra 95.14%
5 Mega Moolah 89.12%

Blackjack Payout Odds

The average blackjack payout fluctuates within the range from 98% to 99%. This means, its house edge varies from 1% to 2%. From a gambler’s point of view, this is much more profitable than most other casino games. No wonder why blackjack is the most popular game on the majority of gambling sites: its rules are simple and it allows lucky customers to win large sums.

The house edge of blackjack might vary depending on the strategy of the players. With newbies, it would be closer to 2%. Seasoned gamblers will find ways to decrease it to 1%. But the outcome here only partly depends on one’s skills, experience and intellectual efforts. Luck plays a great part in blackjack. This is why casinos still manage to make an impressive profit on this type of entertainment.

Please do not confuse a winning strategy with counting cards! The latter is strictly prohibited.

Blackjack Payouts Odds House Edge
3:2 32.25% 0.5%
6:5 15.38% 2%

Baccarat Payout

The usual baccarat payout reaches 99%, so its house edge equals just 1%. However, this game is not so widely popular as blackjack. The thing is that the rules of blackjack allow players to experience a greater adrenaline rush, so this game seems more appealing to them from an emotional point of view.

Baccarat is slightly more relaxed and the level of tension is not that sky-high. In this game, one can also compile winning strategies — yet this will not allow them to reduce the house edge by half.

In the offline world, baccarat used to be popular among aristocracy, well-heeled females and elderly people. Now that it relocated to the online world, you can try to launch it in the live casino mode to spice up the gameplay. The payout percentage and your odds to win will not change — but you will enjoy watching a beautiful dealer.

# Bet Type House Edge
1 Banker 1.06%
2 Player 1.36%
3 Tie 14.40%

Roulette Payouts

The roulette payouts depend on the type of this game:

  • in its American variety, the house edge would be around 5.2% (it is a fixed value);
  • in the European version, it will be approximately 2.7% (again, this number is permanent);
  • in French roulette, this indicator might fluctuate from 1.35% to 2.7%, depending on which bets you make and on how many numbers.

Now you know the reason why so few gambling platforms feature the French variety of this game — it allows customers to frequently win large sums. To understand why this happens, read articles about the La Partage and En Prison.

In card games, players can make mistakes — thanks to them, the casino might earn a bit more than expected. But in roulette, the outcome depends 100% on luck. This is why the casino will be losing funds regularly and inevitably.

Bet name Winning spaces Payout
Straight up any single number 35 to 1
Row 0, 00 17 to 1
Split any two adjoining numbers vertical or horizontal 17 to 1
Street any three numbers horizontal 11 to 1

Bet odds table source.

The Software Providers With Top Payout Rates

If you dream of winning large sums, you should select only high payout software in virtual casinos. At the moment of gathering these statistics, the following software developers released games with the highest payout rates (enumerated in the alphabetical order):

  • Big Time Gaming;
  • FELT;
  • IGT;
  • Microgaming;
  • NetEnt;
  • Novomatic;
  • Play’n GO;
  • Playtech;
  • Pragmatic Play;
  • Yggdrasil.

Sometimes they build slots that can boast of a 98% or even 99% RTP. Providers create them because they become efficient promotional tools and attract the attention of a large audience to their brand. Such games often have an unusual design, a non-standard grid and intricate bonus levels — again for the sake of making people talk about them and spread the word of mouth.

After the provider determines the RTP of a certain game, the casino does not have a right to modify it. This indicator remains stable regardless of the gambling platform or the device that one uses to log in to their account. If the developer wants to change the RTP, they just release a sequel to the game.

Mind that the providers are not responsible for quick payouts. If you win in a game, the prize will be transferred to your balance immediately — but it will take you some time to withdraw it. If the sum is too large, the administration of the casino might ask you to split it into several withdrawal transactions. Try to choose only those gambling platforms that process withdrawal requests quickly and do not make customers wait.

Payments At The Best Payout Casinos

Fast payouts give a gambling project a significant competitive edge. Deposits are normally instant regardless of the payment system. But the withdrawal time, as well as minimum and maximum limits, differ from one method to another:

  • Bank cards. VISA is the most gambling-friendly option. Maestro and Mastercard often have geographical limitations or work only for top-ups.
  • PayPal. You can add one or several bank cards to it.
  • PaySafeCard. It is a handy prepaid online card.
  • eWallets. Their availability and conditions depend on the geographical location of the user.
  • Skrill. This quick and convenient method has one big drawback: in some casinos, it might be excluded from the welcome promotion.
  • Neteller. What was said about Skrill is relevant to Neteller too.
  • eCheck. You need to link your bank account to it.
  • Pay by mobile. It is quick, but commissions might be high.
  • Cryptocurrency. Apart from Bitcoin, some platforms accept Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and other major tokens. On certain sites, there are no maximum withdrawal limits for cryptocurrencies.
  • Bank transfers. Among all payment options, this one is the slowest and has the highest minimum withdrawal limits.

Normally, you will be allowed to cash out your winnings only through the same payment system that you used to top up your account.

The fastest paying projects process withdrawal requests 24/7. Others do it only on weekdays and during business hours.

Before requesting their first withdrawal, all newbies are required to pass the verification procedure by submitting to the administration the scan of their passport, ID or driving license. The administrators have a right to ask for additional documents — such as a bank statement. The verification procedure might take up to a week. If you do not want to wait that long, you can pass the verification immediately after the registration.


Below, you will discover comprehensive answers to the most common questions regarding the casino payout. The payment mechanisms in online gambling today are rather transparent. When placing bets on a legal and licensed platform, you know in advance that sooner or later you will win. The frequency of your winnings and the sums that you can expect to obtain depend on two factors: the overall generosity of the platform and the type of games that you choose.

Who Verifies RTP Data?

After games providers sell their products to gambling platforms, they have a right to inspect them. The developers make sure that no one hacked or fine-tuned the games and they keep functioning according to their initial algorithms. When looking for the highest payout casino, make sure it purchases its entertainment from renowned brands and not shell corporations — the reputation of the developer serves as a reliable guarantee of honesty.

Besides, independent agencies also regularly audit gambling platforms. The names of these agencies are normally mentioned in the footer of the casino:

  • eCOGRA;
  • GLI;
  • TST;
  • iTech Labs.

These entities verify whether the declared payout indicators correspond to real ones.

And of course, you can trust the declared indicators only in case the platform is licensed. If it lacks a license, it is not accountable to any authorities. Licensed venues never manipulate with payouts for the fear of losing their license.

What Is Return To Player?

This indicator displays the average payout of a game to customers. This is a constant number, it does not fluctuate over time. The higher it is, the more generous the game. In top slots, it reaches 90% or more. If the RTP is, for instance, 92%, this means the machine pays 92% of the funds to clients and reserves 8% as the commission of the platform. The RTP can never equal 100% — but in some games, it surpasses 98%.

What Is The House Edge?

It is the payout casino games reserve as the commission of the platform. For instance, the RTP of a certain slot is 93%. Then, its house edge will be 100 - 93 = 7%. This indicator differs depending on the type of the game. In video poker, it might be less than 1%. In keno, it might reach 40%. Games with the lowest house edge have the smallest wagering contribution because like this, the platform will be winning more funds than losing.

What Is A Payout Percentage?

The payout percentages represent the ratio of funds that the casino distributes among its customers. For instance, if this indicator equals 95%, it means that the platform reserves 5% of all funds it receives from customers as its commission and distributes the remaining 95% among the customers. The higher this percentage, the more cash you can win on the platform. When speaking about games, the term «payout percentage» serves as a full synonym to the RTP abbreviation («return to player»).